Erykah Badu's Window Seat Video Premier

Erykah Badu's Window Seat Album New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) in stores March 30, 2010

This video is a wow, doing situps and squats after this entry :-)

Love Looks Great on Tyra- Nikelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Tyra Banks @ Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this past weekend.

Actress/Singer KeKe Palmer Fabulous as always

Jada Pinkett Smith is fabulous but I think she missed the mark on this one. Still gotta give her props. I love each peice she's wearing just not all together.

Rihanna had me untill the socks, which I know are a big trend right now, one that I wont be following. She's fierce as always you gotta give her that. Work it!

I Didn't Follow My Dreams-Original Poetry

We all have them so where did mines go?

I hope, I wish, I wonder, I imagine.
I start, I stop, I fear, I differed.
Listen I'm trying to understand what happened.

I stopped and differed seem to stick out
Maybe I just didn't believe in myself.
I Stopped. I Stopped.
I didn't see them through.
Fear got the best of me. Maybe that's the truth.

Someone else realized them now, took them right out of my head.
I didn't follow my dreams, now those dreams are dead.

By Chimere Norris

Letter to My Son

My dear Gavin, I am so honored that you are in my life because you have brought so much joy, happiness and purpose to my life over the past 3 years. I’m still working on becoming the women and mother I need to be to mold and shape you into the strong, smart young man that I know you will be one day, thank you for loving me unconditionally anyway. I want so much for you like any mother should; not only do you deserve the best, but you deserve my best.

Now that you are talking, walking, running, jumping and your personality is shaping you’ve made me realize some areas in myself that I need to work on. You’re teaching me more about life than I’ve obviously taught myself. Son, I thank you. One day when your old enough to read this letter and I hope you will not understand, because I would have made the transformation into the woman I hope to be. A woman you can look up to, be proud of, learn from, respect, trust and admire.

I don’t want to fail you son, by being too nice, by letting you get away with things the world won’t allow, by tolerating your misbehavior, because as a black man in this world the odds are against you. So it is my responsibility to buckle down, stand firm, and raise a son who will be able to withstand all of life’s harsh realities, who will understand the true value of hard work, who will embrace education, and who will garner respect and will treat people with respect and the consideration that they deserve.

I can buy you many presents on this day but my ultimate gift to you is to vow to be the mom that you need me to be, so that you can become a great man. Happy 3rd Birthday Son, I love you with all my heart.

Throwback Thursday: Raheem DeVaughn "Woman"

Raheem DeVaughn "Woman"

His new album The Love & War MasterPeace has been in heavy rotation since last week. It's so different and refreshing on so many levels.

B.O.B. is one of the tracks on his new album. Even though I don't have one I like this song.