Is Our Criminal Justice System Failing Us Again?

An attorney for the family of Mitricce Richardson says the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is responsible for the 24-year-old's disappearance. Richardson, a Los Angeles resident, was last seen leaving the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Malibu/Lost Hills substation Sept. 17 after being released following her arrest, for suspicion of being in possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and failing to pay for dinner at a local eatery.

Even though Miltrice exhibited signs of disorientation she was released on her own recognizance due to overcrowding at the jail. According to the police they offered her a stay overnight in the jail lobby, but she declined and decided to walk home on her own.

Later on about 6:30 a.m., a homeowner in the Malibu Canyon area called to say a woman was resting in the backyard. When deputies arrived, she was gone. Whitmore said the department is almost certain it was Richardson but she has not been seen since. Her parents and attorney are spearheading a search and plea to find Miltrice, and get to the bottom of who is responsible for her disappearance. Here is video of her parents on GMA today.

3's a Crowd

With all of the recent media frenzy surrounding the Kardashian/Odum wedding over the weekend, you would have thought Khloe might have finally claimed her own time to shine. Not so much, since she had to share the cover of OK magazine with her husband & more popular sisters. I thought the wedding was about the bride and groom; poor Khloe will always live in her sister’s shadow unfortunately. At least she had a free wedding, let's see if Kim or Kourtney can top that. I don't know what to make of this relationship but If they like, then I love it. Like Tim Gunn says "Make It Work."

Real Housewives IN Atlanta part 3

Dee Dee Cocheta, Husband & some of their Children

To some she's Dee Dee Cocheta, and to others she's the Hip Hop Mama; either way she is a great woman of integrity that has a really big heart, a natural love for hip hop and even greater love for friends and her family. You almost have to wonder how a woman who has been married for 20 years, a mother of 7, and owner of ABC publicity Firm still has so much love to give and show others; somehow she does it.

Dee Dee is one of the first women who embraced me after starting my magazine during my early years in Atlanta, she was so genuine and helpful to me and she introduced me to everyone I needed to know. She shared a wealth of information with me and I as our friendship continued, I realized that this is not something she only did for me, she helped countless others. Truth be told, she was also influential for the careers of many of Atlanta's publicist and entertainers. At one point or another she's mentored them, worked with them or influenced there want for being a publicist or entertainer.

Last December Me and my family went to a Kwanza celebration at her home, and we all joked how she should have her own reality show. Until she gets one, I want to share with you her thoughts on being a REAL housewife IN Atlanta.

NUAL: We know you have 7 children what are there names? Alkebulan - 19, Kadir - 18, Bomani - 13, Kmt - 11 (Only daughter), Katamba Lumumba - 10, Adafa - 9 Jonas - 5

NUAL: How do you balance work/parent/spouse relationships and time? I just go with FLOW, like my hometown NIKE's slogan I just do it...Every day is different, to whom is given...much is required.

NUAL: What can you do to be a better housewife? Great question, I can't honestly say I had put any thought into this nor ever given anyone advice on this...I would say BALANCE is the key...also knowing how to say "NO" and lastly being able to find YOU time in the midst of it all. This should make for a well rounded housewife to be able to take on the challenges of family, work and personal time.

NUAL: What words of advice can you share with other married or engaged couples? COMMUNICATION - never assume, always ask and be honest no matter what you think the other person will feel. If you are able to do this, LOVE finds the place there.

Who is your favorite Housewife from the Bravo Housewives Series & Why? Lisa Wu Hartwell, I love her personality, she's courageous, a great mother and wife (I LOVE Love & seeing her and ED together is so romantic). Lisa is also a strong entrepreneur in meeting demands & her goals which to me she seems to have balance in all that she does. Plus I have come to know her personally and observed her around others, she's a genuine spirit!

To find out more about Dee Dee Cocheta follow her on Twitter - or visit her website A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm -

I Won't Try Everything Once

Style Black collection by Mac

Most people have a love hate relationship with Mac Cosmetics, I’m one of the lovers but I have a confession; I hate one of there new products. I love Mac, especially the dazzle glass, not to mention they have the largest selection of eye shadow colors in my opinion.

The black lipstick from Mac's new collection "Style Black" is where I'm drawing the line. Rihanna has been spotted wearing dark lips lately; although I like the dark berry color she wore over the weekend, the black, not so much. It reminds me of the Goth crew back in high school that wore baggy jeans, Marilyn Manson tees and platform boots. I think I will stick to my shiny or shimmery lip colors this season or maybe even the dark berry-ish lip might work for me. You already know how I feel about dark nail polish, unless it's done with minx I'm not trying it. So what do you think about black lipstick? Will you participate in this trend? For more info on the collection visit Mac Cosmetics

Some What New Music Goapele- Milk & Honey

Goapele in Diablo Magazine

Goapele won my heart when I heard her song Closer in 2002, it's still one of my favorite motivational songs. Yesterday I was on youtube to find that video for my Throwback Thursday and I found out that Goapele released some new music over the summer. I'm not sure how I feel about the single "Milk & Honey," I didn’t have an immediate connection but I posted for all of you Goapele fans out there. 

Despite her break from the music scene, she's been busy working on her new album and becoming quite the business lady. I wish her much success on her two new ventures, the soon-to-open New Parish nightclub in Oakland, California new Uptown neighborhood and she is also opening up a women’s boutique in that same area. Her boutique will match her musical style; a mix of classics, with fresh and contemporary accents called Indigo. If you’re in that area check her out, smart lady not to keep all of her eggs in one basket. Check out her video for Milk & Honey here.

Goapele's Milk & Honey Video

After listening to the song a few more times I realized it's the beat and background effects thats distracting and keeping me from loving this song. Never less she's has a pretty voice, I can’t wait to hear more new music from Goapele.

Hot New Music- Melanie Fiona "It Kills Me"

I introduced you to Melanie Fiona last week, her label just released her new video for her 2nd single "It Kills Me" off of her debut album "The Bridge," due out this fall. She is bringing so much flavor and talent to the game right now check her out.

The Obama's Rocking the Seasons Biggest Color

President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama @ Black Caucus Dinner

From Boys to Men and Vice Versa

Me and my son Gavin

As a mother of a toddler boy going through the terrible 2 stage, I often get frustrated with his behavior, and don’t always know the right thing to do. What I am sure of at this stage is I want him to have a bright future, with many possibilities to become whatever he choose. What I don’t envision is any outlandish problems with his behavior in school, with the law or with us at home. I know what you’re thinking, boys will be boys, but that’s not an excuse I’m accepting. So although I don’t have it quite figured out right now while my son is 2 me and his dad are working on it together and are going to have it figured before it counts.

When I came across the clips for this Documentary “MenIIBoys,” I immediately took notice because I am raising a boy, and after watching the clips I can identify with some of the attitudes reflected in the film. Rather from family members, a friend, or news stories we all know young men like the ones interviewed. Personally what I think we need to do as a community is uplift them, and let them know they have more options other than entertainment and sports. If you don’t have a positive male figure in their life, link them up with a mentor through a local organization in your community. Or encourage dialog between him and his friends at various stages in their life. Kids will open up if you respectfully give them an opportunity to share there thoughts as they did in this film.

In the award winning documentary “MenIIBoys," producers Janks Morton and LaMarr Darnell Shields opens a new door for honest dialogue amongst Black Men and Women that communicate critical information on film about the attitudes and mindset of young men. Visit for more information. You can watch the clips below.

Resourceful organizations for young men

MenIIBoys Trailer

MenIIBoys part 2

White Blouse, White Shirt = Fashion Staple

Byron Lars White Shirts by Beauty Mark

Nothing compares to a crisp white collar shirt, I buy at least 2-3 every season. That type of classic staple in your wardrobe can make a simple pair of jeans, a wide leg trouser or even a pencil skirt look chic in a matter of seconds. Byron Lars Beauty Mark is known for their signature men’s dress shirts for women and can be found in boutiques across the country. After eight years of success he is now expanding his product line to include knits, dresses and sportswear in addition to the sexy and chic structured shirts he is popularly known for. Unfortunately products are not online but to check for a location near you Search Here and visit

For more Accessible Classic White Collar Shirts you can find great shirts under $20 both at NY&Co and Forever 21.

Walk a Mile in my Choo's

Jimmy Choo Collection for H&M

I never imagined paying full price for a pair of Choo’s. Even if I was wealthy as I want to be, I'd still scour a Nordstrom Rack or a Sak's Off Fifth Ave store to get a pair on discount. I hardly ever buy full price, my mother taught me the art of a good sale. Ladies and gents scour no more. On Saturday Nov 14th, get your shopping buddy ready, throw on a cute little jogging suit, and your cute sneaker shoes and get ready to stand on line early to get you an affordable pair of Choo’s, Jimmy Choo’s that is.

Clothing & Accessories by Jimmy Choo for H&M

This will be H&M’s first time collaborating with an accessories designer and to celebrate, Jimmy Choo is extending its line to include women’s wear that will compliment the shoes and accessories collection. Menswear will also be available in stores. You can score big with Christmas gifts if you keep the affordable part on the hush; the only thing that matters is the tag and craftsmanship of Jimmy Choo. Happy Shopping!

Who's Got Soul? Melanie Fiona for Sure

I read an article this summer that said Neo Soul was dead and RnB well and alive, well one thing for sure, “Good Soul Music” will never go out of style. It’s something about this style of music that just reaches down in you and makes you want to tap your foot or bop your head. When I think of soul I use to think of 2 things; food, that painting that comes up at the end of Good Times episodes, and now Melanie Fiona.

If you have not heard of her, you’re not alone. I just found out about her yesterday. After scouring the net for music clips, I was delighted and was basically running a juke joint out of my office. The last singer I remember blowing it out of the water like this from Canada was Deborah Cox, but there is a new star in town.

photo source

It saddens me that talent like this doesn’t get the accolades it deserves on mainstream radio and video shows, but hey, that’s why there’s people like me to introduce you to them. Melanie Fiona's debut crossover album, The Bridge” is suppose to come out this fall but after checking her website I didn’t see a definite date. Check her out, let me know what you think?

Give It To Me Right- Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona singing Monday Morning

For more on Melanie Fiona visit

Thank You for Being a Friend

photo source painting by ernie barnes

I've been in Atlanta for 9.5 years and it has been a great 9.5 years. I've met so many great people through networking, school, church, shopping, partying, working etc. I just want to thank everyone who has made my stay in Atlanta a delight. Thank you for receiving me, believing in me, supporting my dreams and business ventures, sharing good and bad news, and praying for me and my family. I truly thank and I love all of my good friends.

I'm a little nervous about my move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but I know change is good and I plan on making the best out of this move with my family. I have 1 week and a day left here in ATL, and I'm so nervous but very excited about what the future will bring.

Part of the reason why I started my blog, was so that my girlfriends and I can remain close through spirit and In word. Even though we might not speak everyday they can log on to this blog and get a little piece of me everyday. I first hand understand how life comes in to play, and before you know it weeks have gone by. I want all of my friends and my readers to know you mean the world to me and I thank you for being there. Expect big things, this is only a beginning and I don't plan on letting myself down. See most of you tomorrow night at my going away party.

In Case you Missed it- MJB on Letterman

Mary J. Blige performs Stronger on David Letterman


Throwback Thursday's Floetry- Say Yes

Say Yes - Floetry
Floetry- Say Yes

Floetic by Floetry is one of my favorite albums of all times. It's a classic in my book, a just hit play album like the "Miseducation of Lauren Hill," another one of my favs. On Thursday's I want to feature "Throwback" song or video of the day. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for growing with me as I come into my own with my blog.

Wearable Art by Aakofii

At Haute.lanta Fashion week I meet a wonderful woman who had amazing energy but even more amazing jewelry, she goes by the name of Aakofii. If you don’t know, and you are a lover of silver and metal please get familiar. Each piece is handmade and manipulated into very eclectic wearable art that you enjoy looking at, but you will enjoy even more wearing it. I will let the work speak for itself- Enjoy!

For more Information visit Aakofii online

Tyra Banks on Larry King Live

Tyra is looking good these days, kudos to her. Here is a clip from the interview on Larry King last night where she was asked about being compared to Oprah and her weight. I'm very proud of Tyra and all that she has accomplished since leaving the runways. She is a great role model for not only young girls, but adults. She is a powerhouse and is evolving right before our eyes and I'm delighted with her success. I agree that there will never be another Oprah, but Tyra is the Oprah of my generation.

For more on Tyra and to keep up with all of her shows visit

"Push"ing the Envelope with Something So Precious

Still Shots from the Movie "Precious"

Director Lee Daniels has made one of the most emotional films of the year, and In my opinion since Crash. As I watched the trailer in the theatres I could not help but to feel uncomfortable about what I was seeing on the screen. At the same time, I felt intrigued and delighted at the depth that was finally portrayed in a film about the “inner city” or the “ghetto,” that was not a shootem up or drug dealers' story.

The cast in the movie is fresh; it stars Paula Patton, Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Shepherd, Mariah Carrey, Monique, Amina Robinson and Nella Gordon to name a few. In the trailer they did an amazing job portraying the raw emotion that we will see in this film.

I know this will not be an easy film to watch because of the sensitivity of the issues covered, but I am so ready to see the movie because I know it is not a story of defeat; it’s a story of hope. Precious will be in theatres Nov 6, 2009. Watch the Trailer Below

REAL Housewives In Atlanta pt 2.

The Reed Family

Last week I got a little flack from a reader in regard to the family I featured on my post “They Really Do Exist…Housewives in Atlanta,” which is apart of a series that I am putting together to feature housewives in Atlanta.  I think it’s a great idea to profile housewives who are “Not So Average” to see how they make it work, other than to speculate on what we think is going on, as the tabloids often do.

This week I got a chance to catch up with a self made media mogul in the making, Tammie Reed. Most people know her as Talking With Tami, but I know her as the lady who juggles a full schedule being a producer of her own TV show, blogger, tweeter, a mom to 2 pre-teens and a wife to a husband who is supportive of her very busy schedule.

How long have you been married?
Tammie: Married 10yrs

Do you have any Children?
Tammie: Yes, two Tyra 12 Terrell 9

What is your profession or what type of business do you run?
Tammie: I'm a Talk show host

How do you balance work/parent/spouse relationships and time?
Tammie: It’s all about communication and prayer. We pray over everything. My husband and I tag team a lot, it’s a collective effort.

What can you do to be a better housewife?
Tammie: I can cook and clean a bit more, I’m always traveling or on red carpet, but we all chip in. Everything else is pretty good I guess lol.

What word of advice can you share with other married or engaged couples? Tammie: Talk to each other; have date a nights, that’s very important. Sometimes when people get married they forget to keep dating.

Who is your favorite Housewife from the Bravo Housewives Series & Why?
Tammie: My favorite housewife is Lisa Wu Hartwell. She is also a good friend of mine maybe that’s why. I can relate with how she tries to handle home life and the entertainment business.

For more information on Tammie visit
or follow her @

Break Up To Make Up

 @ The Biltmore Estate November 2008

A few months ago I was at the bookstore reading some of Dr. Phil's relationship books after experiencing a semi break up with my fiancé. Even though I did the breaking up, I wanted understanding, and clarity on why I was feeling like the bad person. There are always two sides to every story, and I was clear on what my problems were-I just didn’t know how to fix them.

First up is respect, he did everything to warrant my respect. He provides for the household, spends quality time with me and our son, gives me my free time, surprises me with gifts and generally put our needs first. So what was the problem you ask? Simply, I wanted to be in control because I was always an aggressive woman, and I didn't know a thing about being submissive or how to let someone else make decisions for me.

After skimming through a few books surprisingly I found some very valuable tools that I was able to put into effect immediately. The writings on the pages forced me to deal with who I was as a woman. I knew if I wanted to make things work, first I needed to grasp a few concepts from the book. I would have to be a little gentler with my words, submissive (that would be a hard one), understanding and respectful of his decisions. It’s okay to feel in control, but at the same time let him think he’s in control (that’s what the book taught me). I definitely could not go on being the person that led to our breaking up.

Honestly we both had some work to do, but I understood I can only control my actions and responses. I also accepted that love is hard work, unconditional, full of compromises and you can’t set expectations with out setting boundaries first. Good thing he was patient with me, understood me, and accepted me; flaws and all. Isn’t that what love is really about?

Hopefully you learn something about yourself during a break up, like I did, do some fine tuning, but the most important thing you have to do is realize that loving you comes first. So when loves comes back to you, like the saying goes, it’s yours to keep.

Brick City Documentary Debuts 2nite On Sundance


I was born & rased in Newark NJ for 17 years of my Life, this city made me the woman I am today. If you would have seen some of the things my eyes have seen, or what my ears have heard and what my heart has been touched by you will understand why I love the bricks till the day I die.

Essex county (Newark metro area) birthed some amazing & talented people: Queen Latifah, Whitney Houston, Savion Glover, Ray Liotta, Gloria Gaynor, Joe Pesci, Naturi Naughton, Red Man, Lauren Hill, Derek Luke, Shaquille O'neal, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Amiri Baraka, Bill Belamy, and Chimere Norris... the list can go on. Please support the documentary "Brick City Episode 1" on Sundance channel tonight. Check your local listing for channels and show times.

You Better Work it Naomi

Naomi Campbell killed the catwalk at London’s Fashion Week. You got to give credit where credit is due. Note to self: "I have 10 years to look like this at 38." I guess I need to up my Hip Hop Abs workout to 3x a day. Simply Fabulous!

Naomi Campbell @ London's Fashion Week

Photo source via Wenn

Nothing In Life Is Free- A Little Poetry

I hope its okay If I release my inner Maya Angelou with you through some poetry. I've been writing since I was 7 but I can count the number of times I've shared it with people. My blog is about me facing my fears and following my dreams of doing what I love; writing. I hope you can feel it, appreciate it, and if it's alright with you I will share more in the future.

Nothing In Life Is Free

Life is not easy, nor was it ever meant to be; it was meant to be a challenge a growth process and a tease. It’s suppose to show you what you can have and what you can do; it’s suppose to give you choices, the rest is really up to you. You can learn if you choose to, from experience or through others eyes. You can sprout successfully, or you can wither up and die. Life is not easy, nor was it meant to be; Give your soul, your heart and just let the rest be. Or you can do whatever u want; just remember nothing in life is free.

Poetry by Chimere Norris copyright 2008 

What is Good Hair to You? Join the debate

Good Hair hits Theatres Oct 9th in select cities

I saw the preview in the movies for this last month; I'm kind of on the fence about seeing it though. I laughed when I watched the trailer because Chris Rock is funny; I just don't know if the release of this info is going to stop me from using relaxer. It's like telling a drug addict to stop using drugs because it kills you; they already know the consequences.

My Hair Perm Free before I cut it

I only perm my hair 4 times a year to remove the frizziness because I actually do have good hair, but not even a Dominican blow out can stop frizz like a perm can. When I use to wear my hair natural without a relaxer it was so dry and brittle, it broke off, even after using countless moisturizing products that just didn’t work for me. Personally, I just want frizz free and moisturized hair whether it's natural or straight and relaxer helps me accomplish this.

My hair after cut & perm since Feb 09

Are you going to go see this movie? What are your personal thoughts or experiences on perm vs. going natural? Do you think relaxer is a necessary evil? I would love to hear what you think.

Do You Need Beauty Alerts?

Beauty Alert Stickers

I remember seeing a show on Tyra a while back when she was talking about expiration dates and the cleanliness of the beauty products we use. Sure I paid attention to all of the gross things she was talking about and I did do something about it. I cleaned out my makeup bag and threw out some obvious old products, but that was back then and here we go again.

A company called Beauty Alerts came up with a product for chicks like me. Beauty Alert! stickers eliminate the need to remember, because the Home Use Life Span is printed right on the label. You only need to write in the date you broke the seal on the product and apply it directly onto the cosmetics container. Sticker packages contain 24 specially-designed stickers, 6 stickers for each of 4 categories of product life for 8.50 a pack. Or if you are a budget fashionista like me, you can make your own labels inspired by beauty alert stickers today. If you’re lazy and you know you will never get around to it and think this is a great idea, it might be worth trying out. For more info visit

New Music from Mariah Carey

In case you missed it, here is Mariah Carey debuting and performing her new single "I Want to Know what Love Is" on Oprah this past Friday. Enjoy

Succeed vs. Try Again @ the Emmy's

High prices do not necessarily equal high fashion and we saw a lot of that tonight on the red carpet at the 2009 Emmy Awards. It was definitely refreshing to see so much color on the carpet following all of the black that flooded fashion week and MTV awards red carpets last week. Unfortunately even though there was a lot of color, the dress choices were simply not "It. "Here is a recap of who "Succeeds" vs. who need to "Try Again"


Kim Kardashian

Kate Walsh

Christina Applegate

Shaun Robinson


Victoria Rowell- I would have liked a healthcare dress better

Shar Jackson- Where do I start?

Nancy O'dell- Maybe for the CMA's

Chandra Wilson Hair & Makeup was cute though

Vyxsin Fiala- Has to be a joke!

Photo Source Getty Images

Sassy but Classy Art by Karream Jones

Yesterday when I visited a friend’s home I noticed a beautiful painting on her living room wall. I told her it reminded me of my old classmate from college Kerream Jones' work, and as I took a closer look his signature was on the bottom indeed. I have not spoken to Karream in years but we were great friends in college and to my delight he’s still creating beautiful original paintings for the world to see. Check out his work at, if you purchase a painting tell him his old friend from AIU Chimere sent you.

Destroying the Legacy of the King Family

Dr. King had a dream that his four children would one day be judged by the content of there character. His dream is being fulfilled, but not the way he would have wanted it to be. According to CNN Rev. Bernice King and Martin Luther King III allege Dexter King took “substantial funds” out of Coretta Scott King’s estate and “wrongfully appropriated” money from their father’s estate. Dexter King is denying these accusations and they are battling it out in the Fulton County court system. This week the judge rightfully ordered the siblings to resolve this matter in a meting outside of the courts. I do not know what will come of this matter, but I sincerely hope they will not continue to destroy their family legacy.

Dr. King & Coretta S. King with children in better days

I selected a few words from Dr Kings "I Have a Dream" speech that his children need to listen to; I pray that they can resolve this issue outside of the public eye as the judge ordered. If not for there selves, for the hard work and justice there parents fought and eventually died for.

Selections from I Have a Dream speech:

"But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force......

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

NY Fashion Week "Black Out" Succeed vs. Try Again

It's a "Black Out" in fashion this fall, should be easy enough right? It makes you look smaller, polished=perfect! In the words of the late singer AAliyah "If at first you don't succeed, dust your self off and try again."

Here are some Celebs attending events during NY Fashion Week. Some Succeed & some simply need to Try Again.


Mary J Blige, Serena Williams, and Alicia Keys


Amber Rose

Try Again

Jennifer Lopez

Mary Kate Olson

Alexis Phifer (Kanye's EX)

Image Source Getty and ShoeSpot

Do You Feel like A Million Dollar Bill?

Whitneys’ song "Million Dollar Bill" is one of my favorite songs off her new CD "I Look To You." The song is very reminiscent of club/house style of music that I grew up listening to- feel good music. I can appreciate her musical contribution especially with “swag” music dominating the airwaves these days; it is definitely a breath of fresh air in a stinking room. You might not see this video on 106 & Park but you can watch it here as much as you like. Whitney is definitely back! Say oooohhooohhhh....

I was very delighted to see her on Oprah this week if you missed it click here

It's Getting Kind of Preppy

Tretorn 2010 Spring collection

If you saw my very first post you know that I'm a sneaker chick. NO, not tennis shoes, we call them sneakers where I'm from. I'm not a collector but I buy 2-3 pair per year. This year I purchased my Cole Hahn standard all black dressy sneaker, my retro metallic Jordans (the ones in the pic on my first post), and some Nike running shoes. Growing up in the inner city I wore sneakers all the time, I only wore shoes to church and with my uniform at school. By the time I made high school I was finally into shoes with heels and the rest was history.

I remember my first pair of Ellesse’s, my first pair of Grant Hill's and my hot pink 54.11's like it was yesterday. Those 3 pair stands out for some reason. Another thing I did most summers until I went to college was buy a pair of ALL WHITE Tretorns or K-Swiss classic tennis shoes. I loved how crisped they always looked. It didn't matter if they were in or out I would always get a pair. Well Tretorn has emerged with a new spring 2010 collection that's pretty hot. One pair of these might make my 1 of 3 for next years sneaker collection. Check them out:

For more on Tretorns Visit Here 
Image Source MissomniMedia