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Charlotte Rousse Holiday 2009 Accessories

I'm a lover of accessories, especially since I have hardly any room for shoes or clothes in my closet. They are a great and affordable way for me to freshen up my wardrobe from past seasons and give some of my favorite outfits a different look just by switching up the accessories.

Over the weekend I went to the Charlotte Rousse Outlet in Gonzales, Louisiana and they had a great sale; you pick 2 mix and match accessories for $8. Not only did they had a huge selection, to my surprise they had some really stylish pieces that were reminiscent of higher priced pieces I had seen in Bebe, Express, and Guess. I got this really cute ribbon and pearl 3 layered gold necklace, a set of 3 oversized antique stoned rose studs and a set of gold and black toned stacked bangles. If I had my camera (my son lost it) I would have uploaded pictures. Don't worry that's' the first thing on my list for black Friday.

Charlotte Rousse Holiday 2009 Accessories

 Even though I'm currently without a camera, I came across some pictures of Charlotte Rousse  preview of there Holiday 2009 collection. They have some great pieces with prices ranging from  $4.00 to $19.99.



The Fabulous Do Gooder said...

Whaaaat! These are fabulous! The accessories that they carry in the actual CR store is not like this. I wish we had a CR outlet here in Atlanta :(

Talking with Tami said...

I love the pink necklace, those are so popular wow!

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