No Test, No Testimony

When Diddy coined the phrase “ No B**cha**ness” I used to laugh & think to my self “what a phrase;” but now I truly know the meaning. Yesterday I made a constructive "harmless" comment on a social networking site about an avatar directly to the avatar owner only to receive indirect twitter responses that grew rather disrespectful as time went on. Very unnecessary, might I add.

I’m not a negative person; I am opinionated but not negative. So like a woman I addressed this person in a private email to express my concern with the tactless comments they made and went on with my day.

This incident reminded me of a converstaion I had with some one not to long ago. They  said you have to be careful about the people we allow in our lives, people who speak into our lives down to the music we listen to & TV programs we look at; furthermore the people we converse with or “follow” on social networking sites.

I’m glad I keep good company in real life, but now I will be more cautious of the company I keep & tweet on social networking sites. No one is worth compromising my character for, I’ll be 28 in a few days and its certain things that come with age, and grace is one of them. Now I know what your thinking... that picture is not gracefulful; it's not but it sums up my exact thoughts. I'm still 27 Don't judge me :-) Enjoy your day.


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