One Month and Counting

Mall of Louisiana Boulevard one of my favorite places

So today officially makes a month since I moved from Atlanta to Baton Rouge, and I can honestly say so far so good. Although the culture here is slightly different from what I’m used to, I’m actually enjoying most of the quirkiness of this town. The food is excellent most people are polite and friendly, and it is reminds me a little of where I’m from Newark NJ, where I’ve lived San Antonio TX, and Atlanta.

Alot like Newark, Baton Rouge has its good established neighborhoods, and the “not so good” areas where you might not want to be caught out after dark in. They even have corner stores and people hanging around “up to no good” of course a lot like my hometown. But you will definitely only see that in select neighborhoods.

There is also tons of rejuvenation citywide, a lot like what Newark is doing. Newark used to be very industrial and that was mainly what Baton Rouge has been built on; plants, refineries. Since Hurricane Katrina, the economic climate has dramatically changed and it boast a lot more different types of businesses than it used to.

Like San Antonio, Baton Rouge is a very sports oriented and family oriented town. This is definitely Tiger town, LSU runs this town. In San Antonio they were a lot of Spurs and high school football fanatics. I understood the excitement of professional sports but I’ve never seen a whole entire city rally behind a football team quite like Baton Rouge.

 Southern University is another popular school that many people support. I had the privilege of attending the homecoming game a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you we had to park like 7-10 miles away from the stadium, cars filled the streets like "freaknic 98", and people were tailgating having a good time. I really enjoyed myself, college football is not so bad afterall.  Earlier that day I took Gavin to his first homecoming parade, he had the best time.

There next big sporting event coming up is the Bayou Classic that will be played in the New Orleans superdome Thanksgiving weekend; it’s a annual tradition game they play against Grambling University. I will be attending this event so I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully I will have a new camera by then so I can take some pictures.

So moving here from Atlanta, a place where I lived for the past 9 years, a city that I’ve seen grow and change so much so fast will be missed; but I think we made the right move. From my first visit to Baton Rouge back in 2006 there has been a quick population boost and influx of businesses, retail and tourist attractions to accommodate the residents and visitors. It’s a vibrant city with a thriving film and production scene, shopping and dining scene. They recently opened a 23 acre production studio and lot this summer to accomodate all of the movies that are being filmed here now.

I have yet to check out the music and entrepreneur circuit, but I am looking forward to see what it’s all about. Shopping, ok, all I’m going to say is they have a 2story Forever 21 store, and I got a brand new Rooms To Go 5x8 area rug from a thrift store for 64.95. That’s all for now, I’ll update you guys more real soon.


Talking with Tami said...

That lil shopping plaza looks fun,we had one of those in Lyndhurst, Ohio called Legacy Village. My kids and I would ride our bikes up there and have lunch. Those were great times.

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